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Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon - CEO
My Calendar for 2019
(Updated 13 March 2019)
Reserving a date for your performance
is critical.  
I look forward to hearing from you and
visiting with your group.
Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon
P.O. Box 296
Cashmere, WA  98815

I have dates for fall of 2019 open and am scheduling performance dates right
now.  Please contact me as soon as possible to plan your event!  I would love
to visit with you and your guests and present on a topic that fascinates
everyone.  I look forward to hearing from you!

April 16 - October 7, 2019 - Celebrity Solstice
It has just been decided that I will get the opportunity to guest speak on the
beautiful Solstice from Auckland to Auckland!  Woohoo!  French Polynesian
Islands, Hawaii, Alaska (May to September), back to Hawaii, French Polynesia, and
Auckland.  This is a magical part of the world and I look forward to seeing many of
you somewhere during the summer.  Please let me know ahead of time that you will
be joining the Solstice so that I can look for you once you are on board.  Typical of
me, I have a ton of fun, energetic, passionate shows planned for these sailings!
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