Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon - CEO
Alligator in the
Everglades National
Everglades Station, FL
April 2006
Show Topic Descriptions
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Humpback Whales   
This is an in depth look at the world of the humpback whale from their time in the breeding
waters of the sub-tropics to their active feeding efforts in the cold waters of the high latitudes.  
Physiology and behavioral aspects of the humpback are woven into a fast paced story about this
endangered (but, now recovering) species. Spectacular film footage and stills shot while on
assignment with National Geographic and Animal Planet, this show is a "must see!"
A short YouTube video of this show is available at:     
Link to video demo of Humpback Whale Show

Orca - The Whale Killer
If you think they are amazing in captivity, just wait until you hear about what they do in the wild!  
This is a look at the life and behaviors of an awesome apex predator as seen through a
scientist's eyes.  Warning!  This show may radically alter your opinion of this marine mammal in
a captive world.

Seals and Sea Lions
If you are perplexed by pinnipeds then this is the show for you.  A comparison and contrast type
show detailing similarities and major differences between these two dominant creatures on our
North American shoreline.  Here is a chance to see where the true locals "haul out."
 Link to Seal and Sea Lion demo video (click here)

Sea Otters
Twice hunted to the brink of extinction and they are headed there again!  Meet one of the true
survivors of the harshest reality show on the planet.  It is all about the fur in this highly animated
presentation about the "old man of the sea."  There is a new predator out you know
what it is?  Can we stop the loss of California Sea Otters?
         Link to Sea Otter demo video (click here)

A wonderful look into the societal lives of dolphins with a glimpse into why guys do what guys do
and why the girls never want to grow old.  This show has some spectacular under water footage
and debunks some myths about dolphins in the wild.  Find out who is training who in the
aquarium world and what the dolphins already know before they get there.  Humor combined with
reality make this an exciting show that is certain to change your awareness about dolphins in the

Coastal Bald Eagles
This is an animated look into the life of one of our coastal raptors.  From chick to old age, this
show presents a light-hearted, fact-filled glimpse at this avian success story.  High on the
endangered species list for many years, the Bald Eagle has made an amazing come-back to
most of the states in North America thanks to people who care about our planet.

Brown and Black Bears of North America
Take a serious step into the world of this czar of the wilderness.  Meet the Grizzly, also known as
a coastal brown bear, and find out what it is capable of.  This is a show of understanding how
bears communicate and how to communicate with bears in a way that they understand.  Learn
how to tell Brown and Black Bears apart (hint: it is not the color!) and some of the behaviors that
make them unique.  This is a fun show for everyone even if you never plan on going into the
Link to Bear Show Demo Video (click here)

Puffins of the World
A beautiful look into the lives of these pelagic birds of the northern hemisphere.  From nesting to
foraging and all the behaviors of courtship and nesting site guarding are here in this show.  
Travel to Iceland, Norway, the Maine and Alaska coasts and more during this adventure into the
world of puffins!
Kangaroos and Wallabies
Come on mates!  Let's have a bit of a walkabout and meet some of Australia's famous
marsupials.  Find out just how far and high a giant red can jump and how kangaroos got their
common name.  Meet some tree climbing wallabys and find out how a mob survives when a
predator is nearby.  Stop, listen, look around, bounce away!  This is a fun show for all ages.

"Kill a koala, make a fortune!" This use to be the motto of fortune seeking Australians during the
World War.  Present day koalas are still in trouble as their prime pieces of habitat disappear to
sub-divisions and housing developments through the near outback.  Learn the call of the "old
man" and find out what joeys eat when they are young.  Intoxicated all the time, sleep all day and
play all night, this is a true Australian if you would really like to meet one.

Komodo Dragons of Indonesia
Truly one of the great reptiles of our planet, the Komodo would love to have you for dinner, but I
wouldn't recommend you consider the invitation!  Able to eat a 30 pound pig in just minutes, the
Komodo's table manners are a bit savage for most.  Some spectacular video footage combined
with some seriously up-close still images shot with National Geographic make this a show you
will not soon forget.  I do not recommend this show for students below high school age (14 yrs).

Penguins of South America and the Falkland Islands
There are 18 different penguins around the world and this show presents a bit of information
about many of them, but discusses the Magellanics most completely.  This show will make you
feel like you are on the set of another "March of the Penguins" film as the up-close video and stills
are truly inspiring.  Be part of the egg laying and care taking process with me.  Take a close look
at their physiology and behaviors as well.  This is one of my more popular shows out on the
cruise ships and it is now available to you on land.

A brief look into the life and natural history of this magnificent (and often misunderstood) creature
of the near shore reefs of the world.  Come swim with me (and them) in the warm waters of
French Polynesia as we investigate their world and how we fit in.

Crocodiles and Alligators
From breeding to hunting techniques and everything in between.  This show is a must see
experience if you are headed to Africa or have ever wondered about these present day dinosaurs
and how they live.  Ever heard a crocodile mating call or the sound of a newborn during piping?  
The show also compares crocodile physiology with alligators so that you are aware of the
differences.  I do not recommend this show for students younger than middle school (11 yrs).

Blacktip Reef Sharks
A chance to swim with one of the more docile sharks of our world oceans.  Excellent film footage
combined with an intriguing story line make this a powerful illustrated talk.  After years of
swimming (and filming) sharks for NatGeo and Animal Planet, this show evolved and is very
popular with people headed to French Polynesia, Hawaii and Australia.

Green Sea Turtles of the Pacific
This show takes you into the life of this highly endangered sea turtle through excellent film
footage and stills shot all over the Pacific.  From respiration to rest, foraging to predators, and the
major threats still pushing this reptile toward extinction, this is a show that either tries to open
your eyes to the issues and magnificence of this creature or reacquaint you with an old passion.

Travel Related Shows

A fantastic exploration through time and the fabled Inside Passage await you in this show.  Meet
the "rushes" that have shaped the land and the people you could meet during your travels here.  
Get a chance to look into this magnificent treasure chest and let your mind's fingers touch the
gems that make this land so spectacular.  Come fly with eagles, walk the forest with bears, and
swim the icy waters with whales in a show that will take you to this great land and leave you
wanting to return again and again.

Traveling South America's Magical Southern Coast
Join a luxury cruise ship and sail the remote coast of Chile and Argentina visiting towns like
Puerto Montt, Ushuaia, Punta Arenas, Puerto Madryn, and Buenos Aires.  This show includes a
visit to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands as well.  If your group is considering a cruise in this
part of the world, this show will certainly give you a solid understanding of what you will see and
how to dress properly for the adventure.

Traveling Australia's Great Eastern Coast
From Cape York right on down the reef to Tasmania.  This show will keep you hopping like "roos"
while it takes you through some of the cultural and natural history of Eastern Australia.  Meet
some of the "top end's" more deadly creatures and cuddle with koalas and wombats in "Tassi."  
Full of gorgeous photography and plenty of valuable travel facts, this show will have you saying
"G'Day Mate" in no time at all.  Warning:  I am not responsible for spontaneous booking of trips to
Australia because of this show!

Coral Reefs
Let's go swimming amongst some of the most impressive coral reefs of the world.  A narrated
tour with some stunning underwater film footage captured over many years of exploring our
planets fragile reefs.  Change begins with you and this show seeks to show you what our reefs
looked like before pollution, acidification, and over-fishing happened under the hopes you will
want to protect what is left.

Travel through time and meet the early people, their culture, and beliefs of this remote island
world.  Learn about how life changed for them when the islands were discovered by Captain
Cook and other entrepreneurs throughout the 1800s.  Meet present day Hawaii and some of the
fun things that people do while visiting the islands.  This show is an excellent "opener" to a week
of shows that includes my volcano, dolphin, coral reef, and humpback whale presentations.  May
you always have the aloha spirit with you!