Albert Einstein once said...
"look deep into Nature and you will find the answer to everything!"
I have spent a lifetime doing just that.  The exploration and experiences have been magical,
frightening, revealing, and dramatic to me.  I have learned millions of things about people,
nature, our planet and the resources we so often take for granted in our day to day lives.  
Stories develop.  Fascinating stories told by the animals and habitat they live in.  It took me
years to understand what was being said.  It took even longer to translate it into words and
images that made sense to people I would talk to.  It is at that point that I became an
interpretive marine research naturalist and photographer/videographer for National
Geographic and Animal Planet.

You never stop learning.  It is almost an instinctual thing.  Fascination leads to discovery
which results in new found knowledge.  Sometimes that knowledge is handed to you,
sometimes it takes personal fortitude to gather it.  I have been blessed with both situations.  
My time at the University of Idaho back in the 1980s was a time of being handed some
aspects of my knowledge base, but was also a time of personal effort brought on by some
very talented instructors there.  This was also a time of exploration for me.  Jobs with the
Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska working for Neil Hagadorn and at Grand
Canyon National Park under the tutelage of Erni Escalanti shaped the way I saw the world
and showed me some avenues toward relating to what I was seeing.

Being able to relate to what ever is happening eventually became the foundation of how my
presentations came to life.  Life is funny.  There are funny things going on all the time around
us and when someone like me draws your attention to those laugh, learn, and
relate to it.  That is what Nature Talks...are you listening? is all about; getting you to see,
hear, and learn from some of the everyday events that are happening all around us.  David
Hume once wrote "beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them."  That is my
goal, to get you to contemplate what is before you and help you find the beauty that exists in
all things.  Welcome to my web site!
Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon - CEO
It all starts with love and passion!
Researching wave
theory and

gravitational concepts
simultaneously !
San Diego, CA
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